What we do for you

Whether you have found yourself on the wrong side of the law, or you are a witness or a victim, CASS+ is here for you.

Many people who come to us are at their wits’ end, overwhelmed by circumstances, and at crisis point. They come to us because they’re caught up in the court system, as a defendant (first time or repeat), a witness or a victim.

Perhaps you are taking someone to court yourself as you’re not eligible for Legal Aid. Whatever your situation, the whole setup can be intimidating, but we can help you and your family.

Our experience will guide you

We are very experienced at helping to navigate the Criminal Justice System. We can ensure that forms are filled in correctly and that process is followed in the right order. We can advise on court protocol and prepare you so that you’re aware of what to expect and how to address court officials.

To put it simply, we are here for you when you feel overwhelmed and unable to cope. It could be that you need some food bank vouchers to feed your family until benefits arrears are paid. Or, we may be able to liaise between several parties on your behalf. This could be to work out debt payment plans, housing solutions, or to ensure that you, or the person you’ve come to see us about, has a job to come back to.

We are not a box-ticking, official organisation. We think creatively to find alternative solutions to the practical and emotional problems you face.

Where do I find you?

We are based in magistrates’ courts in Bodmin, Plymouth, Truro and Newton Abbot.

We can also support people in tribunals, crown and county courts, if requested.
Find out contact details for our Bodmin, Truro, Plymouth and Newton Abbot offices.

No matter how tricky the situation, we are here

To see more about our work and whether you think we may be able to help you, read some of the stories about the people we have helped. This is not a complete list, so if you’re not sure, please contact us anyway. If we can’t help you ourselves, we’ll almost certainly know someone who can.

  • Benefits

  • Court related support

  • Domestic abuse

  • Employment and education

  • Family matters

  • Health and mental health

  • Housing and homelessness

  • Substance misuse

  • Links to other criminal justice services

Case studies

Click here to find out about how we have helped individuals find hope and turn their lives around.