Are you facing court in Devon or Cornwall?

Feeling desperate, unable see the road ahead?


Tell us what happened. We will listen and help you find your way towards a more positive future.


This may be a first-time offence, or you could find yourself at court regularly.

Perhaps you have a loved one in this situation, or you could be a victim of a crime.


We understand that you and your family feel caught in a system, at breaking point.

Times are hard and you may not have legal representation.


Whatever your reason for being at court, we’re here for you with practical advice and emotional support now and in the future.


If you’re going through the magistrates’ court in Newton Abbot, Plymouth, Bodmin or Truro, we can get you the help you need.

We never judge. We’re here to listen and enable you to find a way through.

We do this Monday to Friday, so our expert advisors have the skills and experience to guide you by filling in forms; following the process; and advising on court protocol like how to address court officials.


We’re here for you in the crisis, with access to answers.


We understand that this complex situation is getting you down.

We have 18 years’ experience of working with our partners inside and outside the legal system to ensure people in Devon and Cornwall get the help they need, especially when it comes to the root of the problem:

  • Your mental health
  • Your physical health
  • Homelessness and finding accommodation
  • Money worries, unpaid bills and growing debt
  • Benefits and filling in forms
  • Feeding yourself and your family
  • Alcohol and drugs
  • Traumatic experiences
  • Domestic abuse
  • Getting work and / or training

This is all totally free and confidential. Just pop in for a chat.

Where can I find you?

We are based inside the magistrates’ courts in Newton Abbot, Plymouth, Bodmin & Truro

We will support you through tribunals, crown and county courts.

Get contact details for your local service in Newton Abbot, Plymouth, Bodmin or Truro here.

No matter how tricky your situation, we’re here for you

If we can’t help you, we’re confident that we know someone who can.

Find out more about the people we have helped in the past here.

  • Benefits

  • Court related support

  • Domestic abuse

  • Employment and education

  • Family matters

  • Health and mental health

  • Housing and homelessness

  • Substance misuse

  • Links to other criminal justice services

Life stories

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