Corporate support

We build two-way partnerships to grow your profile and influence. If you are a business looking to develop your corporate social responsibility, we would love to work with you:

  • Your one-off charity fundraising event
  • Your charity of the year
  • Sponsor one of our service centres
  • Sending members of your team to volunteer with us inside the Magistrates’ Court


Transforming lives together

We want to create impactful and sustainable partnerships with companies whose values align with our own. This is why our partnerships are tailored specifically to meet the professional development needs of your team.

Change is possible when we all work together to reduce the risk of re-offending, making Devon and Cornwall a better place to live and do business.

CASS+ is an innovative, unique and specialised charity providing a court-based advice service for some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged adults and their families. Support is given without judgement, but with respect and fairness to clients who are at risk or have been processed through the criminal justice system.

As well as helping anyone get through the frightening and stressful experience of attending court, we give each individual the practical and emotional support they need to get their lives back on track.

Why choose to support us?

We are a unique charity with a holistic approach. We are successful because we have a tight focus and operate an ‘open door’ confidential service inside the courts. Your support will give people going through the criminal justice system a sense of hope as they work with us to get their lives back on track.

We pride ourselves on getting speedy access to other services and complimenting them rather than duplicating. We’re committed to using funds in the most efficient ways possible.

How your company could partner with us

Are you someone who is now successful in business? Maybe you had a troubled past? Do you want to give back to the community and prevent others from making wrong choices? We can create a package for you that would support your values, but also bring great personal and professional satisfaction.

We are always looking to make new business relationships. For more information on developing a partnership and to discuss how to get involved, please contact Carole Edwards:

CASS+ is always keen to develop creative approaches to:

Strategic partnerships that encourage companies to think holistically about their impact on society, towards the pursuit of lasting and meaningful change. We also aim to work with companies to access institutional funding sources, where we believe that partnerships can amplify the impact of our work.

Employee engagement where your employees would grow professionally by having the opportunity to work inside a court of law. We can work with you to develop bespoke volunteer placements for your employees.

Fundraising partnerships you can support us with fundraising events or challenges, or just popping a donation box in your offices. Please book a guest speaker to find out more.

Pro bono partnerships when you share the expertise, knowledge and skills of your team.

Any donation will make a huge difference and, most importantly, to those who need our help.

For further information, contact: