CASSPLUS delivers advice and support from confidential settings within Magistrates’ Courts.  In order to provide this service, we need to collect personal data from you which will support the activities that we conduct on your behalf. We take your privacy very seriously and request you sign this form to ensure you give consent to share information on your behalf to help us and others to coordinate your support.

This information will be

  • shared across our internal staff and volunteer workers to manage your support
  • stored securely on site in line with our Data Protection and Confidentiality Policies
  • shared with relevant third party agencies to discuss or activate referrals, to progress your support or provide services to you, whilst abiding within the policies operated by CASSPLUS. Your information will not be shared with, or sold to, any third parties for the purposes of marketing or sales
  • held for a period of 6 years to support evaluation or research purposes. It will then be destroyed

You have the right to

  • access any information that we hold about you
  • withdraw your permissions at any point
  • ask for your files to be destroyed

There are a few exceptional circumstances where we would disclose information without your consent

  • if it is believed that the welfare and safety of children and young people under 18 are being put at risk.
  • if you express an intent to cause significant harm to yourselves or others
  • if CASSPLUS is instructed by a court of law to reveal information about you
  • if you provide specific details about a serious crime which has been committed or is to be committed.

Any reasons to breach our confidentiality agreement with you will be treated very seriously and, if we are able, we will notify you of this and our reasons for disclosure.

You will also be informed if there has been any inappropriate or accidental breach of your data. All such breaches will be reported to the CASSPLUS General Manager and the Information Commissioner’s Office. If you need to make a complaint you will be given details on how to activate this same process.

CASSPLUS may also contact you as part of your ongoing support. We need your permission to do this.