How you can support us

If you’ve got spare time, can give in-kind contributions or have money to donate we welcome them all.

How does it work / Can I be hands-on?

Whether you are donating your time as a volunteer in the courts, are taking on the role as a trustee, giving gifts in kind – for example office equipment or professional services –  or donating money you are what makes our organisation.

Without you we couldn’t provide our vital services for people on both sides of the criminal justice service run.

Good for us, good for you

Without all of our volunteers our services wouldn’t exist. If you have useful experience, or can offer other forms of help, we would love to hear from you.

All our volunteers are given appropriate training to enable them to work in our teams. This ensures that we continue to provide high-quality support, wherever it is needed, and also to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Are you studying?

If you are studying for a qualification in social work, law or other related professions, we are delighted to offer placement opportunities, contributing a learning experience not found anywhere else, as part of your studies. We are a recognised placement provider through the University of Plymouth.

A trainee social worker tells her story :

“The practice placement overall has provided me with a rich learning environment, with an array of possibilities and challenges along the way. I can safely say I can walk away from the placement I did as a well-rounded soon-to-be social worker, due to the experiences and support CASS+ has given me”.

We need your financial support

We are funded by a grant-giving charity, without which we would not exist. But fundraising by supporters, donations and further grants are always needed and are vital to plan our continued work. Every little helps and anything you can donate to support us makes a big difference.

If you are interested and able to make a financial donation or give your time to support CASS+ please contact: or drop in to meet any of our teams at your local court.