Leave a legacy

CASS+ works with vulnerable people going through first-time and repeat court appearances, as well as their families, friends and witnesses. We believe that it would be superficial to look at the crime alone. There is often childhood trauma, mental health and generational poverty behind the scenes. As a result, people get caught in the revolving doors of the system.

We are on a mission to reduce the risk of re-offending, but we need help. We couldn’t do what we do without the generosity of our supporters. That’s why we hope that you may consider leaving us a gift in your will. Gifts in wills can help us to raise vital funds that we need to transform the lives of the most vulnerable people in our society. We hope that once you have provided for your loved ones, you will remember CASS+.

We will use your gift with the greatest of care. We know that you want your gift to make a difference and, by donating to CASS+, we can provide hope and support to those in the most difficult circumstances.

By leaving a gift to CASS+ in your will, you can enable us to ensure that anyone going through the Magistrates’ Courts in Newton Abbot, Plymouth, Bodmin and Truro gets the specialist help they need.

Your lasting legacy will build a better future for individuals, families, friends, and, ultimately, our neighbourhoods and communities across Devon and Cornwall.