Your donation will make a difference

With the cost of living crisis, people are facing some very difficult choices. They can find themselves on the wrong side of the law because they’re unaware of alternative routes.

Each month, we give a helping hand to about 150 people as they go through the courts in Exeter, Newton Abbot, Plymouth, Truro & Bodmin and into life beyond.

We are here to change the outcomes for these people, their families, their friends, and, ultimately, our communities across Devon and Cornwall.

We have a growing circle of supporters who share our passion to change lives in Devon and Cornwall.

What your donation can do

Your support means that we can remain inside the courts, advising and guiding people towards a more positive future, and, ultimately, improving our communities.

£10 makes a difference

£10 = one hour of an Assistant Coordinator’s time. In this time, they can help someone affected by poverty and childhood trauma to access emotional support and the correct benefits.

£20 makes a difference

£20 could pay for our phoneline at one site to run for two weeks, ensuring that we keep in touch with someone throughout their crisis. This can reduce the risk of reoffending, and lower the crime rate.

£30 makes a difference

£30 could pay for one of our team to support a parent for two hours in court so that they can get to see their children.

£50 makes a difference

£50 could pay for our Coordinator to mentor someone with complex needs, enabling them to focus on positive activities, or rehab, or training so that they can turn their life around.

Thank you so much for your support

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