Tribute to CASSPLUS volunteer

Mel Sandal – CASSPLUS Volunteer 2014-2019

He always worked with passion, dedication, empathy, humour and a steely determination to make things just a little bit better for the service user or ‘punter’ as he called them. He sometimes did not work to the rules but that is what made him stand out from the rest of his fellow colleagues. He would go above and beyond to get things just right and bent over backwards to help anyone, especially damsels in distress. He had great empathy for young people who had chosen a wrong path and would always help, even if he didn’t know how to, by researching and working together.

He was respected and loved and it was an amazing testament to his life when ten of the CASSPLUS team attended his funeral this October along with over 150 people including Magistrates, court staff, fellow partner agencies, and his much loved family and friends.

Mel has left a huge gap in CASSPLUS, but his memory will live on through the people that worked with him and I know he will be watching over us making sure we are doing our jobs properly and not letting anybody fall through the gap!!

Cornwall CASSPLUS Co-ordinator