Our Trustees

If our frontline volunteers are the hands and feet of the charity, then our trustees are the brains.Their role is to make the strategic and financial decisions and ensure we are operating within the law, especially with regard to safety and ethics. The trustees meet at least once every three months or more frequently if they can.

We are currently strengthening our recruitment process for being a trustee. It will include application forms and interviews, reference requests and DBS checks and an induction.  We will approach people regarding the possibility of them becoming a charity trustee, based on their experience and knowledge of the courts system and of the work that we carry out. We have a wide range of trustee roles with different responsibilities including ex-service users.

Welcome to our Board of Trustees:

Chair: Mary Anne McFarlane

Mary Anne was Chief Probation Officer for Devon & Cornwall until she retired from the service. She now works in private consultancy, advising on criminal justice matters around the world as well as in the UK.

Vice Chair: Tim Auburn

Tim has recently retired from the University of Plymouth. He has been closely associated with us for some years and involved in research to evaluate the benefits of the service we provide.

Treasurer: Pat Walker

Pat is a retired Justice of the Peace from Cornwall. In addition to her criminal justice work she has extensive business experience in the hospitality industry.

Trustee: Mike Thomas

Mike is a retired Justice of the Peace who was Chair of the Community Court Bench at Plymouth. He is a retired Head Teacher and works also as a Governor of two schools.

Trustee: Peter Hosegood

Peter is a retired Justice of the Peace from Cornwall. He enjoyed a career in electrical engineering and has experience of working with various charitable organisations.

Trustee: Kim Goffin

Kim has transitioned from service user to court-based volunteer, a role which she performed for ten years. More recently, she has developed her volunteering by accepting a Trustee appointment to the Board. She is currently full time employed.

Associate Trustee: Peter Edwards

Peter was closely involved in the establishment of our service while he was the Magistrates’ court manager at Plymouth between 2003 and 2007. He has maintained involvement since he retired from this role, as a CASS+ volunteer providing management advice and IT support.